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Marking machine
Numbering head

Marking machine
As a pioneer of the automatic marking machine, Morii, Inc. has manufactured every kind of marking machine from large to small-sized machines. Morii, Inc. is an exclusive marking machine maker which designs and manufactures machines to the specific request of the customer. These marking machines are being applied domestically and abroad over a wide range of markets toward parts for every kind of metallic product such as the gas cylinder, high temperature parts, thick plates, billets, seamless pipes, automobile engines and more.
We have also set up a system for the specific manufacturing of every kind of special purpose machine tool. thus way, we have responded to the needs of the automobile industry, in addition to many other markets and have secured their trust in our business.

Vertical marking machine


As the vertical marking machine employs a rolling method as opposed to a normal press method, less load is applied to the work. It is especially useful toward the marking of small parts, among others.

Horizontal marking machine


The horizontal marking machine employs a rolling method, similar to the vertical marking machine. It is employed especially for circumferential marking applications.

Cowl top marking machine


This machine is employed for panel (cowl top panel) marking. The machine receives input commands via high-ranking communication or bar code reader, selects characters one at a time through character pitch, and imprints a voluntary number of digits.

Engine marking machine


This machine performs C/B marking. It employs high-ranking communication data to select, mark, and pitch characters one at a time for a voluntary number of digits.

High pressure container marking machine


A high pressure container carried to a specified location is automatically transferred to this marking machine. The container is then clamped down and marking position is determined. Then character selection, marking and character pitch is performed one character at a time on the high pressure container’s conical surface.

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