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WASINO TRADING CORPORATION is a comprehensive equipment trading company which sells a wide range of equipment including machine tools, a variety of special purpose machine tools, testing equipment, environmental equipment and more. In response to the needs of our customers in diverse industries such as automobiles, household electrical appliances, steel, semiconductors and more, we engineer our products for optimal performance.

All of our sales staff possess "JMTDA Sales Engineer" qualifications
We believe that present day users seek not simply to purchase a product, but moreover that they seek "solutions for applications which are effective in terms of manufacturing and investment." To cater to such needs, all of our company sales staff possess "JMTDA (Japan Machine Tool Distributors Association) Sales Engineer" qualifications and are striving to elevate their manufacturing know-how on a daily basis.

New opening of our sales technology showroom
In January 2004 we established a new sales technology showroom conceived to better support our customer's selection among an assortment of equipment, the most suitable solutions in terms of equipment and prices to meet their needs. It is also intended as a forum for proposing our latest processing technology.

We are well-informed and possess knowledge over a diverse range of industries
As we have been an enterprise which has provided a wide range of equipment to many different markets as opposed to focusing exclusively on one specific industry, we have amassed a great deal of information and knowledge throughout the years. As a result, our resulting technological expertise is something that cannot be offered or imitated by our competitors. Our know-how across industries affords us the ability to propose new ideas which freely apply disparate technologies from different industries to offer optimal solutions. It is in this field of expertise of finding the best solutions through a collaboration of disparate industry technologies where WASINO TRADING CORPORATION excels.

2-1-20. Toei-cho,Anjo,Aichi,446-0007.Japan
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