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On September 12, 2003, our company acquired "ISO14001" certification, an international standard for environmental management. We have made efforts to acquire certification since our kick-off announcement on October 1st 2002, and we have been certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd. - an organization registered for ISO examination - in our sales activities (sales and installation management for various kinds of industrial machines.) We have used our "ISO 14001" certification as an opportunity to have all of our employees elevate their awareness of environmental problems. Through promotion of resource-saving and energy-saving policies and the sales of environmentally-conscious products, we will contribute to the welfare of society by improving environmental performance.

Basic Environmental Principle
In contributing to society through our distribution of production plant equipment and office equipment and our related services, WASINO TRADING CORPORATION will conduct its business activities with an awareness of its most important theme to preserve and improve the global environment.

Environmental Policy
1 In addition to proactively promoting the distribution of energy-saving and pollution-reducing products, we will continue our PR for environmental preservation in our sales activities.
2 We will proactively tackle our agenda for energy and resource savings through the effective use of gasoline in our sales activities, and the effective use of electricity, waste, and paper in our office activities.
3 We will establish an environmental objective to achieve this policy. We will plan out our activities, review them periodically, and make efforts to continually improve upon them to prevent environmental pollution.
4 . We will observe environmental laws, regulations, ordinances and other requirements that we have agreed upon in relation to our business activities.
5 . All our employees, affiliated companies and partners will perform their duties in agreement with these policies. We will enlist their understanding and cooperation in the prevention of environmental pollution through education and dissemination of environmental consciousness. We will support and encourage their social contributions to environmental conservation activities.
6 This environmental policy will be drawn up into document form, executed, maintained, made common knowledge among all employees and disclosed to the public at large.
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