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In a technologically borderless age of the 21st century, WASINO is determined to become an enterprise which can contribute to society by strengthening its engineering functions to produce production and environmental equipment.
We will do our utmost to support our customers in their efforts to become strong, globally competitive enterprises.
It is our intention to employ our wide-range of experience and vast knowledge cultivated throughout our long history to examine each matter presented to us from a technological perspective. we will offer a line-up of equipment possessing a high degree of productivity which cannot be matched by any other company.
Moreover, we will offer our ideas for environmentally-friendly equipment which are both resource saving and energy saving.
You can rest assured that WASINO will meet the expectations of your company through our system engineering.
Nakane Toshio

2-1-20. Toei-cho,Anjo,Aichi,446-0007.Japan
TEL : 0566-98-6101FAX : 0566-98-6820
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